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John Fanning, Candidate for Ward 2 DC Council  Speaks on Jack Evans Controversy:

(JUNE 20, 2019) As I read the newspapers and hear radio and television reports on the various controversies surrounding current Ward 2 DC Councilmember Jack Evans, I am becoming increasingly concerned that the welfare and interests of Ward 2 constituents may be left hanging in the balance.

I do not arrive at this conclusion solely as a candidate for the seat he holds in the upcoming 2020 election but also as a 30+ year resident of Logan Circle and a long-term activist for the betterment of our communities. These news stories about how Jack Evans might have misused and abused his office as Councilmember and as Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority Board Chair, and lied to obfuscate possible misdeeds, are distracting and disturbing to all! As Councilmember, he should be focused on quality of life issues and making Ward 2 a better place, rich with services and programs that benefit its citizens like middle and high schools, affordable housing and strategies to support and retain local businesses, among many other things. The allegations against him are especially distressing and intolerable at a time when we hear news reports every day of potential abuses of higher government officials right here in our own backyard.

Jack Evans must surely be distracted and disquieted by these daily news reports. Words like “cover up”, “abuse of power,” and “false statements” should be troubling to anyone. But holding the affairs of Ward 2 hostage while he attempts to battle these claims, is irresponsible and wrong! Jack, who I have known for years, should be focused on what is best for him, his family and the people of Ward 2. If it gets to the point that this becomes even more distracting than it already is, he should step down from the DC Council and release the citizens of Ward 2 from a state of abandonment caused by his attention elsewhere. Through no fault of our own, we have all become victims. We are better than this and I believe it is now time to go in a new direction. I urge Jack to do what is ultimately in everyone’s best interest.

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