As the only openly gay candidate in this race, improving LGBTQ equity is very important to me. I have been active in the movement since the 1980’s. I volunteered as a “buddy” for AIDS victims with Whitman Walker during the 80s and 90s. I was one of the first openly LGBTQ political appointees in the District government. I am a member of the Rainbow Caucus, serving along-side other openly gay ANC Commissioners. As chair of ANC 2F, I supported Whitman Walker Health’s expansion and the extension of the Pride Parade route to include the Logan Circle neighborhood. During my time in District Government and on the ANC, I’ve helped many members of the LGBTQ community find employment and housing opportunities.

The LGBTQ community has made tremendous progress in my lifetime and the District of Columbia has some of the most progressive and strongest equal rights protections. However, there is room for improvement and as a Councilmember here are some of the things, that I will do to improve the lives of LGBTQ residents living in Ward 2 and throughout the District of Columbia.

  • There is a demonstrated need for more LGBTQ funding in the District government to specially address service gaps for members of the transgender community, LGBTQ youth and seniors. While I would prefer that each agency be tasked to develop LGBTQ specific funding streams, it might be necessary for the Office of LGBTQ Affairs to expand its grant making capacity.
  • Support targeted local funds to help address LGBTQ health disparities and explore ways to improve LGBTQ health data collection.
  • Evaluate employment programs for transgender residents and identify specific funding for a career development program for LGBTQ residents.
  • Create more transitional housing for LGBTQ youth over the age of 18.
  • Identify and offer improved services for LGBT youth in our foster care system and explore the possibility of funding a LBGTQ specific group home for youth that age out of foster care.
  • Support the allocation of funding from the Housing Production Trust Fund to build the District’s very first LGBTQ Senior Housing facility.
  • Identify funds to establish LGBTQ outreach and programming at all the City’s senior wellness centers.

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