Public Safety and Justice

Improving public safety is a top priority for the city.  As an ANC Commissioner, I have worked with MPD and other agencies on critical, public-safety issues. As your Ward 2 Councilmember, I will: 


  • Conduct regular neighborhood safety walks with MPD and appropriate District agencies to address community concerns and issues that impact our Ward 2 neighborhoods!
  • Explore the feasibility of taking over the management of the courts and criminal justice system from the federal government.
  • Work for funding for programs that use public health approaches to prevent violence and reduce incarceration.
  • Support stronger mental health and substance abuse treatment and services.
  • Audit the number of streetlights in the Ward and work to improve lighting in the ward.
  • Work to improve the enforcement and prosecution of hate crimes in the District.
  • Require MPD officers to have cultural competence and diversity training and certification every two years.
  • Increase outreach from the District of Columbia Community College to offer online classes for those that are incarcerated and make classes available for those that are recently released.
  • Support greater collaboration between the DC Department of Corrections and programs such as the DC Infrastructure Academy to provide more vocational and career opportunities for returning citizens.
  • Replace the aging DC Jail with a new, modern facility that will have a focus on health, wellness and rehabilitation.

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