Our seniors are one of the City’s most precious and valuable resources; seniors contribute to the vibrancy of our neighborhoods, just as much as our shops and restaurants.  Ward 2 seniors are among the most engaged and informed residents in our city, their willingness to share their life’s experiences makes them pillars of our community. As chair of ANC 2F, I’ve been honored to work as a champion for improving the quality of life for these cherished residents.  Supporting our seniors ensures that they will remain in our neighborhoods and continue to be a vital part of our community.

To provide more support for our seniors and help them age in place, I am committed to:

Make the District More Affordable for Seniors.

  • Introduce the Senior Retirement Income and Pension Tax Reduction Act to increase the standard deduction from $12,200 to $20,000; to provide tax relief for Seniors so they can keep more of their retirement income.
  • Increase the qualifying total federal adjusted gross income for the senior homestead deduction from $130,550 to $250,000.
  • For seniors who apply for the homestead deduction, after the qualifying age of 65, authorize them to receive a tax refund for each year they have overpaid.
  • Freezing property taxes for seniors on fixed incomes from future tax increases.

Encourage the development of affordable age-friendly housing, as well as buildings housing senior services, within close proximity of public transit.

  • Work with faith-based organizations to develop underutilized surface parking lots to build affordable senior housing.
  • Secure a site and necessary funding to build a Senior Wellness Center in Ward 2.

Increase the number of senior-friendly public amenities, including sidewalk seating, quality lighting and public restrooms.

  • Dedicate adequate funding for sidewalk maintenance and repairs.
  • Prioritize sidewalks for pedestrians use (No Scooters).
  • Work with DDOT to ensure that signal timing allows for safe pedestrian crossing.

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